Cupid’s Gold

We take inspiration from where we can get it.

Cupid's Gold
16×20 Oil on Canvas


Then Cupid turned and shot his golden arrow at Apollo, piercing his arm. “Ha, though you think you are powerful, love is more powerful even than you,” Cupid said.
Apollo laughed again and walked into the forest, but suddenly he spotted Daphne. She was chasing a deer, and as she ran, her golden hair billowed around her slender neck. Her eyes shone brightly as stars and her form was as graceful as the deer she chased. Apollo fell instantly in love with her.




Published by: Debra Duke

Your fingers have found their way to my art blog. Welcome, even if you are here by accident. This subject doesn't require a lot of info about me other than I love to paint. I'm one of those weird people that find nothing more exciting than starting a new painting and figuring out what to do to make it successful. I don't have a 100% success rate, but failure always makes me want to do better on the next canvas. Hope you find some of my work eye candy.

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